Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time for Blasting Off!

Welcome to Phase III of the Fat Blast program.  In this last portion of Ani's program we'll be learning more about her additions like thermo type foods that she has added to many of the concoctions that we'll be eating.  The other big difference with this phase is at dinner.  We'll be eating a large meal that more closely resembles what most of us are used to eating at the end of the day.  The thermogenic foods are the fourth in the list of "rocket fuels" but we still need to talk a bit about rocket fuel #3 - the MCFAS's - huh?  Yeah, just we need in life - another acronym.  This stands for Medium Chain Fatty Acids - the other similar to this are called MUFAs - which stands for Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.  As someone who has assiduously avoided fats of all sorts adding fat back to my diet is a huge paradigm shift.

Apparently there is nutritional research that shows that these special types of fatty acids actually encourage our bodies to BURN fat and as a bonus regulates the release of insulin.  And as we all know fat in our diet helps us feel satisfied and keeps us from going crazy with hunger.  This sure sounds like a win/ win/ win. A big part of me says, "we'll see".  Fortunately this is just a quick two week experiment so we can see how we feel, how well it works and whether we actually lose some weight.

The foods that we are eating that contain the fatty acids in question are listed below:
MCFAS - Medium Chain Fatty Acids:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm kernel oil
We've mentioned in previous posts that Coconut oil is purported to improving HDL cholesterol.  It may help people with Crohn's disease as well as having some anti-fungal properties.  

MUFAs - Monounsaturated Fatty Acids:
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Seeds
Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
  • Flaxseed or flaxmeal
  • Soybeans (cooked or sprouted, never raw)
  • Walnuts
So these power houses or rocket fuels are prominently featured in the recipes that we enjoy on this plan.  Here's the menu for Day 8. 

First up today is the Vanilla-Blueberry Shake.   This lovely morning beverage actually set a record for me today.  There have been times when I've taken a bite of something, thought hmmmm - not gonna like this but it grew on me and I ended up enjoying it.  This shake started off as something really very nice. How can you go wrong with blueberry goodness? Add in a bunch of almonds and a hefty amount of vanilla - yummy! I take awhile to drink just about anything.  So, I sipped away as I worked at the computer and after a few minutes I noted that this drink had turned into an aspic! It was so weird to have this "drink" start smacking my nose when I tipped the cup.  Quel suprise!  So, despite labeling this as a B with the first few sips it quickly slid to a D after a few minutes.  I'd avoid this unless you like your breakfast to turn into a kindergarten art project.  If those of you that have made this drink had another experience perhaps we can figure out what I did wrong.  
My disappointment with breakfast was quickly turned around with our mid-morning snack called Red, White and Blue berry salad. This lovely salad with blueberries, strawberries, some flax and cocoa nibs was very good.  The flax meal is a little gritty and the cocoa nibs are probably better if combined with something liquid as they are rather dry, too.  It is an enjoyable salad but not as good as a couple of her other fruit salads so I give it a B.  

With chipotle dressing
For lunch we have Kreamy Chipotle Salad.  This great salad has some greens, celery and red pepper but the absolute star of this meal is the Chipotle dressing we make to put on top.  Ani shares that she dreamed up this dressing to replace the traditional creamy, spicy dressing on Mexican style restaurant salads.  This is a God-send to me since a local chain restaurant we frequent has a salad I love called Santa Fe Chipotle salad. My nickname for it is "Happy Salad" - no kidding.  This is simply fabulous and I could eat this salad dressing with a spoon.  Thank you Ani for this!  A real keeper - it gets an A for sure!  

Our mid-afternoon snack is called Kreamy Cucumber Soup.  In addition to refreshing cucumber there is the smoothness of avocado, some miso, some greens and a little lemon juice.  This is a really, really wonderful soup.  I not only loved it right away but had to run off to my guitar lesson so I stored it in the refrigerator and it was even better chilled.  This too is a keeper and one I would make again and again - obviously another A.  

Zucchini noodles

with marinara sauce
For our first real dinner we have Zucchini noodles with marinara sauce. First of all, in order to make these cool noodles I had to drag out my spiralizer that I hadn't used in quite awhile.  Did I tell you I love kitchen gadgets.  Yup - I had one of these just lying around, too.  Those that know me well are not surprised.  I love making these curly noodles.  I could do it all day, I think.  On top of the zucchini we have a simple marinara made of little grape tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, some oregano and rosemary. Although this was very palatable it wasn't terribly special and I'll probably not make it again.  I know I've made raw marinara from other books before that were more memorable hence the reason for the Spiralizer.  Now that I'll look forward to doing again.  This version gets a C for being borderline "Meh".  

So - despite the congealed mess that breakfast turned out to be I think today was a banner day for vegan meals.  Here is the spreadsheet for today's recipes:
Name Category Diet Day Page number   Rating
Vanilla Blueberry Shake Shake Fat Blast  eight 128 D
Red, White and blue berry salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 166 B
Kreamy Chipotle Salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 136 A
Kreamy Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  eight 146 A
Zucchini Noodles Dinner Fat Blast  eight 160

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  1. Try adding fresh lime juice to the red, white and blue salad so its not so dry. Delish! So sorry you didn't like the marinara; its one of our favs and make it regularly, especially now, with our heap of garden tomatoes.