Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Cucumbers on the Go!

Today I had to try to do the planning needed to eat this diet on the road.  I wish I could say I was completely successful, but that wouldn't be accurate.  I changed the order of the dishes a bit since the salads had a lot of ingredients so prep was more involved and I thought the bowls would not travel quite as well as the drinks.  

So let's get on with our day since it's already pretty late in the day where I live. Here's today's menu:

First up early this morning we have Green Grapefruit Shake.  In addition to grapefruit and the ever present cucumber we also have lime juice and cilantro.  All my fav ingredients.  I've never been a fan of orange juice for breakfast.  Always seemed way too sweet for me so when I have a choice I always pick grapefruit so this already starts as a winner for me.  And no big surprise this was spectacular.  My fav a.m. drink thus far.  This gets an A for sure!

I didn't get around to making the fruit salad but it looks reasonably basic with banana, strawberry and more grapefruit.  Garnished with mint, basil and ginger it would be a nice salad I'm sure.  No grade though since I learned long ago as a laboratorian not to do what we call in the biz "dry lab".

Lunchtime is another coleslaw type salad with an orange vinaigrette.  I already confessed that I'm not a coleslaw fan but I thought the orange dressing would make it a better call for me.  The dressing has orange juice, soy sauce, cider vinegar and some ginger.  Sadly - even this exotic dressing was not enough to convince me that coleslaw was worth the time.  You may love this but it gets a B- from me.

Our mid-afternoon snack is Coconut Miso Soup made with ginger a smidge of cayenne and coconut oil with the miso.  This is a very nice variation on the standard miso soup.  I really loved it and wished there was more after I slurped it down.  It gets an A for sure.

Lastly, for dinner we have Collard Rolls with Cashew Pate'.  The pate' for this dish is a mixture of celery, garlic, miso and lovely cashew nut ground up in a meal.  This is smeared on a half of a collard leaf and piled up with jullianed cucumber, scallions and avocado.  Then the leaf is all rolled up and it is worth the work.  This is the best recipe I think I've had from this book so far.  Love, love, LOVE this.  If you never make any of the other recipes I've reviewed, make this one and enjoy!  If you don't like the collards make the pate' and use it as a dip or roll it up in a sheet of nori seaweed.  Yum!  A+

OK - I now need to make the stuff I have to take for tomorrow's sessions.  Here's the recipe spreadsheet:

Name Category Diet Day Page number   Rating
Vanilla Blueberry Shake Shake Fat Blast  eight 128 D
Red, White and blue berry salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 166 B
Kreamy Chipotle Salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 136 A
Kreamy Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  eight 146 A
Zucchini Noodles Dinner Fat Blast  eight 160
Pineapple Cilantro Shake Shake Fat Blast  nine 124 B
Cucumber Guacamole Dip Fat Blast  nine 158 B+
Cabbage Salad with Cucumber Miso Dressing Salad Fat Blast  nine 131
Garlic Bell Soup Soup Fat Blast  nine 142 A
Celery Almond Pate' Dip Fat Blast  nine 158 A
Pear Lime Ginger Shake Shake Fat Blast  ten 122 B
Watermelon Grapefruit Salad Salad Fat Blast  ten 168 A
Zucchini Hummus Dip Fat Blast  ten 159 B
Curried Cilantro Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  ten 141 C-
Mixed Vegetable Seaweed Rolls  Roll Fat Blast  ten 154 B
Green Grapefruit Shake Shake Fat Blast  eleven 119 A
Mshredded Sesame Salad Salad Fat Blast  eleven 137 B-
Coconut Miso Soup Soup Fat Blast  eleven 140 A
Collard Rolls w/ Cashew Pate Dip / Roll Fat Blast  eleven 152 A+

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