Sunday, September 30, 2012

ANDI and MANDI...Pretty Dandy! LOL!

OK, I know...what a groaner!  Sorry but the ANDI and the MANDI points that Dr. Fuhrman talks about can get a little dizzying.

So - what is ANDI?  Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.  This is a unique scale that Dr. Fuhrman has devised where all foods are scored on a 0-1000 point scale tallying all the nutrients that are in a specific calorie amount of a food.  This is different then calories per ounce or serving so that you can gauge the nutrient density per calorie of a food.  By this scale the most nutrient dense foods are green, leafy vegetables like kale, watercress and mustard greens.  These three receive the coveted score of 1000. On the other end of the scale is a Cola at 0.7.

The MANDI score is the Menu Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.  What this score entails is the ANDI score of a serving size.  Here's the formula:  MANDI = ANDI/ 1000 X Calorie Factor

The calorie factor is a calorie range from 1 - 69 used for the calorie content that ranges from 1 - 300 of any food.

The purpose of the MANDI score is for people to aim for a perfect score of 100 points per day.  So rather than counting calories for a day or fat or carbohydrate grams - depending upon the diet, this plan has you aim to maximize the amount of nutrients you take in each day.

Each of the recipes in Dr. Fuhrman's book have a MANDI score as do each of the day's plans.  If you get his book you can substitute meals by aiming to find recipes with the best MANDI points.  Cool!

For today's menu we have:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Fruit Compote   MANDI Score:  6
Lunch: Vegetable and Bean Soup from yesterday - Salad with Tahini Dressing  MANDI: 22
Dinner: Thai Vegetable Curry - Salad with Tahini Dressing   MANDI: 13

Our breakfast is a standard cooked oatmeal with some dried fruit.  I typically make my oatmeal with steel cut oats and throw them in my rice maker on the porridge setting.  I read in a book by Dr. Neal Barnard that eating the processed instant oatmeal causes wild insulin spikes because it is absorbed so quickly. Almost like eating sugary cereal!  Well, that's counter productive!  He cites a case of a patient that he had who had a very hard time losing weight.  One of the things he changed was to get her off of instant oatmeal.  Voila'!  Her insulin levels became much more stable, she had fewer cravings and started losing weight.  Amazing.

Not much to say about lunch since it was left overs from last night.  I know the menu says we're to have salad today but I've been finding that there's just too much food for me to eat at each of these meals. So I opted out of the salad.

Same for dinner but I did make the Vegetable Curry. This is a nice dish with lots of fresh herbs for flavor. In addition to fresh mint, basil, cilantro, garlic and ginger we have green beans, mushrooms, curry powder, peanut butter and cashews. This is all sauteed in some carrot juice and coconut milk with some tofu for more protein all served over rice. This is a lovely veggie stir fry with a light curry taste. If you like more curry it could certainly stand up to more if you added some.  This is a nice dinner dish gets a solid B from me.

Not much to write about today more tomorrow. Hope you had a nice weekend. It's starting to heat up again here and should be in the 90's again for the next few weeks. Yikes!  

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