Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Stretch Time!

Another late night for a long day but I have some amazing recipes to make sure you know about before we finish up the last of our 15 days together with Ani Phyo.

I feel like I've short changed you all by not summarizing other very informative and helpful portions of her book.  There is a section that gives suggestions on how to deal with the challenge of trying to stay on a raw vegan diet while socializing or travelling.  There's also a chapter on suggested raw vegan meals if you training for certain types of athletic events, if you're trying to build muscle and other goals.

For those of you reading this and still on the fence about going ahead and buying the book - after 13 of 15 days I'm pretty impressed with the plan, the recipes and the variety.  Go ahead and buy it.

Since it's already after 10pm and I have another early morning I'm going to get to business.  Here's today's menu:

First up this early morning we have a lovely, light green Avocado Shake. I'm telling you it's light green because for some reason my phone refused to take pictures until late tonight.  So sorry.  Although this is called an avocado shake and is a light green it actually tastes like strawberries since there's a lot of strawberries in this lovely shake.  It is sweet and an easy morning drink and gets a B from me.  

For the mid-morning snack we're to have Fudge Brownies with Fresh Berries. I don't know about you but I don't think I can face brownies in the morning.  I decided to make this for an evening dessert. These brownie are made with walnuts, cocoa and dates.  They are rich, rich, rich.  I don't know how anyone would want to eat these for a mid morning snack.  So - these are good and I can see where this would be considered a terrific dessert but I don't see me making these again since they are way too rich for me.  I'm giving this a C - I'm sure others will like these better than I did.    

For lunch we have Fennel Slaw with Dill Vinaigrette  This slaw type salad is nice and tangy with fennel and crunchy Jicama which is a personal favorite.  I know I had never heard of jicama until I moved to So. Cal. since I believe it's really popular in Mexican cuisine.  I made this salad for lunch but we had a large lunch meeting at my conference today - where I was able to get a large, raw salad so I tasted some of this slaw after coming home.  The dressing had plenty of time to absorb into the slaw and gave it a nice tang.  The one thing that this slaw desperately needs is some color!  It is oh so beige!  I distinctly remember taking a nice picture of it this morning however it is nowhere to be found.  You'll have to trust me on this, it's beige.  It's tasty so I give it a B.  

Mid afternoon's snack is a wonderful, tangy, incredibly tasty Carrot Ginger Soup.  This is terrific and I am looking forward to having this soup many more times in the future.  In addition to the carrot and the ginger there is our soup staples of avocado and miso with a dab of coconut oil.  This one is a real winner and I give it an A.  
All rolled up and ready to eat!
pesto wraps still flat
Finally - to top off the day we have Pesto Wraps.  Remember the wrap we had a few days ago that I raved about?  Forget I said I loved it - this, this is the wrap you want for lunch, to take to a party and to convince your friends that you're not nuts to be eating raw stuff.  This one is 'da Bomb people.  All I can say is make it and eat it.  YUM!  Ok - let me calm down and tell you what's in this beauty.  The pesto is made from pistachios, garlic, basil and avocado.  It is processed to a pesto paste and then spread on collard leaves.  Cucumber, pepper and some sprouts are placed on the pesto and then rolled up quickly so you can snarf them down without delay.  I think I've found my new pesto recipe - and I make a lot of pesto.  You're probably not surprised I'm giving this an A.  

Here's the spreadsheet for this phase:

Name Category Diet Day Page number   Rating
Vanilla Blueberry Shake Shake Fat Blast  eight 128 D
Red, White and blue berry salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 166 B
Kreamy Chipotle Salad Salad Fat Blast  eight 136 A
Kreamy Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  eight 146 A
Zucchini Noodles Dinner Fat Blast  eight 160
Pineapple Cilantro Shake Shake Fat Blast  nine 124 B
Cucumber Guacamole Dip Fat Blast  nine 158 B+
Cabbage Salad with Cucumber Miso Dressing Salad Fat Blast  nine 131
Garlic Bell Soup Soup Fat Blast  nine 142 A
Celery Almond Pate' Dip Fat Blast  nine 158 A
Pear Lime Ginger Shake Shake Fat Blast  ten 122 B
Watermelon Grapefruit Salad Salad Fat Blast  ten 168 A
Zucchini Hummus Dip Fat Blast  ten 159 B
Curried Cilantro Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  ten 141 C-
Mixed Vegetable Seaweed Rolls  Roll Fat Blast  ten 154 B
Green Grapefruit Shake Shake Fat Blast  eleven 119 A
Shredded Sesame Salad Salad Fat Blast  eleven 137 B-
Coconut Miso Soup Soup Fat Blast  eleven 140 A
Collard Rolls w/ Cashew Pate Wrap Fat Blast  eleven 152 A+
Orange Vanilla Shake Shake Fat Blast  twelve 121 B+
Peach Crumble Crumble Fat Blast  twelve 163 C
Italian Salad Salad Fat Blast  twelve 135 A
Curried Zucchini Cucumber Soup Soup Fat Blast  twelve 145 A
Marinated Mushrooms in Lettuce Wraps Wrap Fat Blast  twelve 153 C
Avocado Shake Shake Fat Blast  thirteen 114 B
Fudge Brownies with Fresh Berries dessert Fat Blast  thirteen 161 C
Fennel Slaw with Dill Vinaigrette Salad Fat Blast  thirteen 134 B
Carrot Ginger Soup Soup Fat Blast  thirteen 139 A
Pest Wrap Wrap Fat Blast  thirteen 156 A

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