Friday, September 28, 2012

Out From Under the Weather

So sorry for my sporadic posting of late.  In addition to connectivity problems with my lap top I ended up succumbing to a nasty migraine late Wednesday night.  Most of yesterday my head was a bit loopy from headache medication so today I'm finally out from the fog. 

The other reason my posting has been less than enthusiastic is I'm not as happy with this Raw Detox diet as I have been with the others.  In going over the menus for the rest of this week and next I noticed that not only is there a lot of repetition but next week there's barely one recipe per day that is new for us to try.  Hardly worth the time for blogging.  So, I've got a plan B and I'll discuss it more tomorrow. 

Now I'll try and remember each of these dishes and how they taste. 

On day 3 of the Detox our menu is:
Breakfast: Green Lemonade
Lunch:  Power Soup
Dinner: Creamy Asian Salad

The Power Soup  is made with strawberries, honey a beet and some romaine.  Although it is a very deep red color that makes one expect a very "beety" type of juice the strawberries and sweetener gives this a very sweet taste.  It's a nice drink but probably not one I'll make again.  I give it a C. 

For dinner we have a Creamy Asian Salad. This is yet another slaw type salad however I liked this much more than any of the other slaws we've had thus far.  In addition to cabbage there's a bell pepper, mushrooms, snap peas, cilantro, basil and some garlic.  Lot's of taste to this salad but the real star is the drop dead amazing dressing that goes with this.  It has ginger, garlic, miso, dates, soy sauce, sesame oil and lemon juice.  This is dressing is so good I will not only definitely make it again I think I'll probably use it as my go to dressing from now on.  This gets an A.

For day 4 of the Detox the menu is:
Breakfast: Green Lemonade
Lunch: Classic Chopped Salad
Dinner: Ambrosia Salad and Simple Pasta Marina

I love a good Chopped Salad and this one is rather nice.  In addition to green beans, corn, carrots, grape tomatoes, zucchini and bell peppers.  She doesn't list a dressing to put on it so I added the Liquid Gold that we had a few days ago.  Nice salad - I give it a B.  One of the things I like about making a chopped salad is getting to use the Chopped Salad Shears I bought awhile ago. 

Finally, for dinner we have another great Ambrosia Salad and main course of Simple Pasta Marinara. The Ambrosia has bell pepper, carrot, zucchini, beet, apple, ginger, Serrano chili, dried cranberries, with walnuts, ginger, garlic, mint, basil and cilantro.  Yes, this is one very involved salad!  It is supposed to be dressed with her Liquid Gold salad dressing but I only had the Asian dressing left over but since it is way better than the Liquid Gold this is a really good salad.  I give it a solid B. 

The main course is a raw marinara sauce on spiralized zucchini noodles.  The sauce has basil, bell pepper, oregano, a date, ginger, garlic, onion and a sun dried tomato in addition to tomatoes.  If you recall we had a raw marinara sauce in the 15 day Fat Blast that I wasn't real crazy about.  Well - this is the reason right here.  This sauce is, in my opinion really much, much better with a lot more taste.  It is just as good as I remembered so since it had such staying power in my memory I'll have to give it the highly coveted A.  Plus, I love getting to make those zucchini noodles again.  Cool! 

So - before we kick this diet to the curb let's go back and finish up the last three of the five steps she lists for detox.  Step #3 is to Infuse our Bodies with Live Enzymes.  We've mentioned this before in the other raw diets that one of the reasons for eating raw is keeping the enzymes contained in the raw foods intact for our body's use.  Clearly food that is cooked is in a different state that it is when eaten raw but I don't subscribed to the enzyme bit since all proteins as denatured when they hit the hydrochloric acid we have in our stomachs.  Granted they aren't heated but the proteins are definitely broken down from their natural state. 

The fourth step she touts is to "Take the Garbage Out".  By this she is referring to our system for eliminating waste from the body.  Apparently just being regular is not enough for her as she is a huge proponent for colonic hydration or irrigation.  Yup - this lady is way into the high colonic.  Me, not so much.  I will agree that the longer waste is stuck in your colon the more opportunity there is for you to absorb whatever toxins may be in the stool.  Having one or two stools per day should be enough for anyone.  I'm a firm believer is keeping things the way God intended for them to be.  So, if an orifice is meant for things to go in - like one's mouth - when things are launched OUT of it we call it a bad thing.  Like vomit, you know.  Not a great thing and too much of that not great thing can cause you some real, life threatening problems. Keep the innies as innies and outies as outies I say.

Finally we've already dealt with detox step #5 which was determining your detox transition number so you can determine where to start on your raw detox journey.

So - that's it for the Raw Detox.  If any of you are interested in the recipes from these few days that I raved about send me a private message and I'll send you a copy via e-mail.  I think that's OK and not violating a copyright as far as I know.  See you all tomorrow - Internet willing.  Here's the recipe summary for this portion of the diet. 

Name Category Diet Day Page number   Rating
Green Lemonade Drink Raw Detox one 48 B
Raw Rainbow Salad Salad Raw Detox one 125 B
Raw Chocolate Ice Cream Dessert Raw Detox one 164 A
Guacamole Salad Salad Raw Detox two 128 B
Thai Coconut Bliss Soup Raw Detox two 156 A+
Cranberry Beet Medley Salad Salad Raw Detox two 158 A
Power Soup Soup Raw Detox three 103 C
Creamy Asian Salad Salad Raw Detox three 118 A
Classic Chopped Salad Salad Raw Detox four 122 B
Ambrosia Salad Salad Raw Detox four 123 B
Simple Pasta Marinara Pasta Raw Detox four 133 A

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