Monday, August 27, 2012

Planning for Success

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who first coined the often repeated phrase, "Failing to plan is really planning to fail".  I really love a good plan but often find a million excuses to thwart my own plans. So - I generally not only have to come up with a pretty good plan but I also have to put in place other plans - i.e. consequences if I thwart the plan.

First part of the plan, of course was mapping out the various diets we're going to embark upon and the order that I thought made the most sense.

Second, print up the Menus for the next couple of days.  This is the easy part as the Reboot website is so user friendly and comprehensive that it is impossible to not know what they want you to eat on what day.

 So - let's back a little here and talk about the Reboot juicing plan.  If you read Saturday's lengthy post, toward the bottom was where I mentioned meeting Joe Cross- the star of and producer of the entertaining documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".  I urge you to watch this movie.  It is easy to find.  Not only is it on Netflix but if you act quickly it may still be available for free on the website with the diet and all the other information. Joint The Reboot is completely free but does ask you to become a member by registering in order to access the juicing information, recipes, movie, etc...

In the past I've tried several of the recipes from this website both juices and other vegan recipes that were not run through the juicer and I was always very impressed with how very tasty they were.  My family members enjoyed them as well.

These next three days we're adhering to the plan known as "The Long Weekend Reboot".  For each of the plans there's a description of the plan and the recipes as well as a nice PDF that you can print out and have in the kitchen or as a shopping list.  

As you can see there's going to be A LOT of drinking these next three days.  In the past I've usually just picked a few of the juices and gone with it and usually eaten a regular dinner at night.  But since I'm doing this by the book and feel an obligation to be a good steward of this plan and reporting my findings I'm sticking with it. 

And the Third part of the plan - get all the produce on the menus.

Yesterday I went to my local grocery store since MSB (My Sweet Babooh) still needed a few things to pack up for Africa that I wouldn't be able to get at the local Health Food Store.  Here's a quick picture I took of the bounty I brought back.
Probably one of the first things you might be thinking is Whoa!  All that for one person in three days!  What an expense!  Well - I didn't get all organic produce so it wasn't horribly expensive.  It is for all three days of the juicing portion of the upcoming diet.  And, I think it's important to put a high priority on one's health.  I'll talk more about this in later posts but one of my medical and health promoting heroes is Dr. Joel Furhman.  I mentioned one of his books will be the last phase of this diet "Eat for Health".  He has just recently published a new book on boosting immunity called "Super Immunity".  Most of us know that its our immune system and not drugs that keeps us well.  Nothing is more important for fighting off bacteria, viruses as well as random cell mutations than our own native immune system.  It only makes sense to do what we can to keep our immunity as healthy as possible.
For many years he noticed - and so did his patients - that once they got the junk out of their diet they not only felt better they actually realized they rarely had the same colds and other maladies that go around that we all fall prey to.  Given the amount of money that our country loses with people being sick, taking care of sick relatives and buying medicines to make us feel better it's probably not bad if we could divert some of those funds to produce.  

Now, like most people looking a lengthy diet straight in the eye I figure I should clean out the fridge of all the stuff I'm not going to be able to eat.  More of the planning not to fail, right?  And, like most folks that love a good excuse I figured a nice farewell meal for MSB before he got on the big plane to Africa would also help get rid of the fridge extras.  So - I made a lovely pesto pasta dinner and finished off the very last of the small Jimmy Fallon "Late Night Snack" Ice Cream by Ben and Jerry's that is my absolute favorite as my, I mean his big send off.  I'm not a huge ice cream fan but I'm just crazy for that "Late Night Snack".  I mean what genius came up with the idea to put salty, chocolate covered potato chips in ice cream?  Really hard to resist.  But, now it's gone and I have new resolve.    

On to today.  Bright and early this morning I started with the recommended cup of hot water with lemon juice.  Lots and lots of diets books recommend this as the morning beverage.  Why this is?  I do not know.  Would love to hear some ideas but I will say it was refreshing.  I did have one of my usual a.m. cuppa joe and would love to get off the caffeine while MSB is gone but it is low on the list of priorities right now.  About an hour later I had my first juice.  Why an hour- well I take thyroid replacement and it's supposed to be down in ye olde GI tract for an hour prior to any company other than clear liquid or plain coffee so that's why it takes a little jump start to get me going each day.  

First up - Carrot Apple Ginger Juice:  This is an absolute winner!  Both MSB and I loved this juice and would drink it all day if it wouldn't turn our skin orange from all the carrots.  It is even a lovely color orange and I would definitely give it an A++.  

After taking my dear one to the airport for his very, very long day it was time for juice numero dos - AKA the famous Mean Green Juice:  This was also quite nice and not too grassy as is often the complaint of the green juices at times.  I think the addition of lemon and ginger root to the juice gives a very refreshing taste.  Since the first juice was so divine it might pale by comparison but I'd give this juice a B+ or an A for taste.  

Ok - it's now well past mid day and I need to make my lunch juice and make sure the dog gets outside or we'll be in that more planning for failure mode - if you know what I mean.   More later.

So -our lunchtime juice is called Gazpacho!   As one would expect with a name like Gazpacho, this juice is on the savory side but reasonably tasty.  I guess it is nice to not drink very sweet juices all day long but I think the mindset for this takes a little getting used to.  Certainly, seeing red onion on the list of veggies to throw in the juicer might force one to raise their eyebrows a bit, hmm?  I know I've never knowingly had onion juice before.  Here's a picture of my Gazpacho juice. (Oops!  I'm removing the picture and probably should rescore this next time I make it since I FORGOT THE TOMATOES!! Good grief!  I thought it looked too green for gazpacho.  I'm not a huge fan of tomato juice in the first place so this might fall in the ratings if I do make it correctly next time)

I think it probably deserves a B.  Confession time.  I did change the recipe up a small amount since what I thought was a bunch of fresh parsley in my refrigerator was actually fresh cilantro.  I know the world is divided into two distinct camps when it comes to cilantro. Just like blue cheese - no happy medium.  People love it or loathe it.  Me? Love, love, love cilantro - blue cheese? I spit out as if I'd swallowed a bug.

OK - so the Gazpacho didn't get a fair shake.  Time for our next juice.  This is Citrus Inspired Green Juice. An insanely deep, deep green.  It's a good thing there are six clementines in here otherwise I think it would be hard to drink. Adding a few more wouldn't hurt, I think.  That said - it's still pretty good for something that has six leaves of kale and six leaves of chard.  Most of you have never had either of these nutritional power houses.  Kale is rated as the most nutritionally dense food there is.  If you have the chance to purchase or look at Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat for Health" he describes a nutritional scale called the ANDI score which stands for the  Aggregate Nutrient Density Index click on the link for the Wikipedia definition.  It takes the total nutrients of the food and adds them up.  Those with the highest number of nutrients have the highest score.  Kale, watercress, collards and mustard greens have the highest with a 1000 point value.  Hot dogs have 8, french fries have a score of 10.

So - despite the uber green to the power of 10 taste of this juice, having Kale AND Chard in it I think I'll still give it a score of B/ B- since I know it's so good for me.

OK - sliding into home base for our dinner time drink and it's a WINNER! It's called Sunset Blend and if you're like me and you took a look at the ingredients you probably thought - Potato Juice????  Yeah - sorta blechhh!  But we could not be more wrong! I did one thing today that I've not done before when I made juice from beets.  I not only scrubbed them but I peeled them.  Previously I'd just scrubbed the daylights out of them but they still had that "earthy" taste to them.  You know it just has to be dirt.  And even if it's not it tastes so much like dirt you can't get past it.  So - I went ahead and took a deep peel off the beet, threw it in the juicer and voila!  It tastes sort of sweet and almost creamy.  I'd give it an A for sure.

So - there you have it.  We got through the day and the only hitch was the gazpacho was tomato-less and didn't have the requisite parsley.    :(

Tomorrow I have a busy day so I'll need to make my juices in advance and work up the courage to go to my lunch date with a friend and tell her I'm just drinking my home made juice.

Here's a little chart I made of the juices and how I rated them so that by the end of this perhaps there will be a bit of a reference in case anyone wants to find the different foods I'm rating in the next few months. 

Name Category Diet Day Page number Rating
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Reboot one NA A++
Mean Green Juice Reboot one NA B+
Gazpacho Juice Reboot one NA
Citrus Inspired Green Juice Juice Reboot one NA B
Sunset Blend Juice Reboot one NA

See you tomorrow! 


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