Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exotic Juice

As they say - much of life is how you deal with Plan B. I think I'm having a plan B kind of day. It's nearly 9pm and I'm just now sitting down to start writing about all the great juices I've enjoyed today. So - I'll try and be complete but a little more brief than the last few days.

 Here's today's menu from the Reboot website.  We start our morning with yet another sweet and incredibly tasty juice called Apple-Carrot-Beet   I definitely enjoyed this juice much more than the uber purple concoction from yesterday.  This was sweet but not cloyingly so. This one is definitely a keeper and deserves the coveted A  

Next up we had something called Great Greens Juice. I suppose this was called great greens due to having 7 different green vegetables in it. This is a really great tasting juice! Very, very refreshing! I highly recommend it and of course - I give it an A  too.

Now, for more about plan B - in addition to fielding multiple phone calls through out the day, a two hour dental appointment that was for naught, it appears that my phone will not send pictures via e-mail. I could post the generic green juice picture - since I'm not going to pretend that most of these juices didn't look as green as the next. But - I'm way more honest than that. So - let's continue.

For lunch we have what they call Tabbouleh Juice. (insert generic green juice picture here)  I love regular Tabbouleh as a salad but I was a bit dubious that this juice could be anything other than horrible. I mean primarily parsley and some onion? Yikes! But I was really pleasantly surprised. Yes, this is a savory juice but unlike yesterday's overwhelmingly savory V28 juice, this offering was very tasty and not at all difficult to drink. I think I'll give it a

Next, our afternoon snack is an equally exotic sounding Bruschetta Juice.  Here is another juice I was fully ready to dislike intensely. Garlic juice? I think I've heard everything now, hmmm?  But, this too was a really flavorful, drinkable, savory juice that tasted a lot like a cold tomato basil soup.  This juice is also worth a B in my book. I really wish I had the picture of this juice as it was actually an attractive, dark red color.  Indeed - for once not a green juice!

Finally for dinner we have what they've decided to call....wait for it....Green Juice.  Yes, - I thought that was pretty comical that after three days of almost all green juices this is the one they call green.  And it is.  Green. It tastes green.  There's just the bit of ginger root to give it a tart kick.  Otherwise there's not the citrus or fennel taste that stands out so much in the other juices.  The Green Juice is refreshing and simple.  Tasty but nothing that really knocks your socks off.  It probably deserves a B, too.

One other thing I wanted to post during these three days of juicing is the option of portability.  Yes, juices are portable.  The juicer, not so much.  My Sweet Babooh (MSB) is used to my penchant for dragging along kitchen appliances if we go on a road trip.  I've been known to take my Vitamix, the Rice Maker, a Slow Cooker and a few other things on a few RV trips.  I can't stand a vacation where I'm piningfor my kitchen appliances.

Probably the most difficult part of our five months in Africa on the Mercy Ship was the lack of control over what we ate.  I would have loved to have had some fresh juice similar to what we've had for the past three days. Bringing my Brevelle in carry on baggage was not an option. Recently I came across a cute three pound hand juicer that I intend to take with me when I fly so I at least have the option of making juice. This juicer is called the Manual Wheatgrass Juicer  Don't let the name fool you.  You can juice almost anything with this and in some ways the juice extracted from greens is almost more efficient than with the high speed extractors. You just get a ton of exercise cranking the handle forever and ever. Well that's a "two-fer" if ever there was one!

Here's the summary chart for all three days for your reference:

Name Category Diet Day Page number Rating
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Reboot one NA A++
Mean Green Juice Reboot one NA B+
Gazpacho Juice Reboot one NA
Citrus Inspired Green Juice Juice Reboot one NA B
Sunset Blend Juice Reboot one NA
Purple Power Juice Reboot two NA A
Green Lemonade Juice Reboot two NA B+
V 28 Juice Reboot two NA D
Spinach Fennel Cucmber Juice Reboot two NA A
Bountiful Brassica Juice Reboot two NA B+
Apple-Carrot-Beet Juice Reboot three NA A
Great Greens Juice Juice Reboot three NA A
Tabbouleh Juice Juice Reboot three NA B
Bruschetta Juice Juice Reboot three NA B
Green Juice Juice Reboot three NA B

Tomorrow we're starting on day 1 of Ani Phyto's 15 day Fat Blast diet. I won't be posting the recipes here since they are from copy-written material but I will describe what's in each offering.

Thanks so much to those of you who have given me so much useful and encouraging feedback. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. See you tomorrow when we start on our FAT BLAST!

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